Your Choices

To help you understand the choices you have and how they will affect the initial monthly benefit, we have compiled them into the following list:

A. Amount Transferred: The more you transfer, the larger the initial benefit.

B. Payment Option. You have the following choices:

C. Guaranteed Refund. You have the following choices, with the 3 Year Guarantee almost always resulting in a higher initial benefit:

D. Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). You have the following choices:

You must make a choice for B, C, and D above. For example, you could choose Option 2, 3 Year Guarantee, and No COLA. Alternatively, you could choose Maximum Option, Refund of Transfer, and COLA Equal to CPI-U. To see how each combination would affect the initial benefit, you can model them in the estimator found in your ORBIT account.

As noted on the Special Options for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) page, these options only apply to the Transfer Benefit available to all members. They do not apply to the special Transfer Benefit that is only available to Law Enforcement Officers.

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